3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill From Home

Shopping For Groceries Can Be Expensive And Exhausting

Shopping For Groceries Can Be Expensive And Exhausting

Trying to save money when you’re shopping for groceries can be an overwhelming task. Keeping track of what is and isn’t on sale and planning meals around those sales, looking out for coupons that might save you only ten or fifteen cents and clipping them out, or even driving around between different supermarkets looking for the best deals — all of these things can create a hassle for you that isn’t worth the money you might be saving doing them. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make things easier on yourself and your bank account from the comfort of your own home. Try these simple solutions that not only save you money, but also provide plenty of convenience to make cooking a meal an easy affair to manage.

Raise Fresh Herbs in a Window Box

If you have the space, growing an herb garden in a window box is a great way to save some money while adding fresh and flavorful ingredients to the meals that you cook. Rather than having to rely on jars of dried herbs, or running to the store for fresh herbs each time a recipe calls for some that you don’t have, you’ll be able to simply open your window, reach out, and pluck out what you need. A quick rinse later and you’re ready to dice them up and add them to your meals!

Whether you have a window that gets sunlight all day long or one that’s partially shaded during the day, you can find herbs to grow that will thrive in whatever conditions you have. Plants like oregano, rosemary, sage, and basil all grow very well in full sunlight and will add lots of extra flavor to your dishes. For more shady areas around the outside of your house, try planting mint, parsley, and cilantro, which all grow well even when the sun isn’t shining on them the whole day. Growing an herb garden in a window box is very low maintenance once you’ve gotten started, and most garden centers have sprouts and cuttings for sale that will make getting started quick and easy. Before long, you can have a whole host of plants at your disposal.

Make Your Own Tasty Pasta Sauces

Start Your Own Garden And Eat Healthier And Cheaper

Start Your Own Garden: Eat Healthier & Cheaper!

Another great way to cut down on your trips to the grocery store involves making your own pasta sauces. Jarred sauces can be very pricey, and they take up space in your pantry. Stop buying jar after jar of sauce from the store and start making your own at home in one large batch. Not only will it work out to be cheaper when you buy the ingredients instead of a jar of ready-made sauce, you will also have much greater control over the consistency and flavor of the sauce. There are hundreds of excellent recipes available for all kinds of sauces, and the best part is you can freeze your sauces by portioning them out into individual freezer-safe containers. Be sure to let your sauces cool completely before freezing for the best results. When you’re ready to use it again, all you have to do is drop the container into some warm water in your fridge to thaw it out. Pop the lid off and add it in to your pasta, warm it through, and you have a delicious meal ready to eat.

Be Your Own Baker

Learn How To Cook And Save Money

Learn How To Cook And Save Money

Baking your own bread can seem intimidating but it is actually a great way to save money and add more variety into your diet. Whether you choose to buy a bread machine that will knead and bake all kinds of dough for you with little added effort, or if you choose to pick up some bread pans and experiment, it’s an excellent money-saving method. You can do everything from making bread with the leftover beer you have in the fridge to more traditional breads like sourdough, and you can do more than just make sandwiches. Bread pudding, homemade croutons, and bread bowls for soups are just a few of the things you can do once you start making your own bread and ditch those trips to the store just to buy a loaf of white bread.

A Guide to Buying Gifts After a Fight

The Right Gift Can Show Them How Sorry You Really Are

The Right Gift Can Show Them How Sorry You Really Are

Make-up gifts have become a key way to apologize to your partner after a fight. Our society has engrained it into us that this is the proper way to really show that you’re sorry, but you’ve got to do it in the right way or you’re not actually saying all that much. Get a gift that’s too expensive and you’re over apologizing, which means that you have more to be sorry for. But even worse than that is to buy something that’s too cheap and say that you aren’t sorry at all. There’s a terrible line that you’ve got to walk, but luckily we’re here to help you stay on balance.

For Her

Women love gifts in general, but after a fight is really the time to step up your game and buy her something nice. Of course, you don’t want this to be the only time that you buy her anything. Stuff like that will work against you eventually. But when the time calls get her one of these presents to satiate her.

><p class=Flowers Are A Classic “I’m Sorry” Gift” width=”360″ height=”260″ class=”size-full wp-image-132″ />Flowers Are A Classic “I’m Sorry” Gift

Roses- Unless your lady is allergic to flowers, roses are the most common make-up gift out there. They speak of romance and love and “Oh my God I’m so sorry” moments. No one is sure why they exist other than that. Go big and get her a dozen if you can. They’re expensive because they are such an important factor in any romantic moment. If you can’t afford to get the whole dozen don’t let that stop you. Even a few roses count for something.

Special Interest Gifts- These are the gifts you get her when your argument was more personal. If she’s upset because you don’t give her time or space to paint then clear off an area for her and buy her her favorite kind of paint. If she loves doing her makeup but gets mad because you throw it in a box or something then give her space and a makeup organizer. Customizing your gift to the fight is a great way to show that you’re willing to get past this.

For Him

It’s far less likely for a woman to buy a man a gift, but that doesn’t make sense. Women can be just as at fault for fights as men. So step up to the plate, ladies, and get him something when it’s necessary.

A Night Together- Guys are sentimental sometimes too, yeah, but they also tend to want “stuff” less. So a night together with just the two of you, especially if you were arguing about not having enough time with each other, can be a welcome gift. Put on something that he likes and get him dinner that you normally wouldn’t go for, but is his favorite. Little stuff like this is going to mean a lot more to him than another baseball bat.

Buy Him a  Comic Book Or Action Figure

Buy Him a Comic Book Or Action Figure

Media- Something small like a comic book or a new movie can mean a lot to a guy. Even with streaming online and game platforms the thought still counts. It all depends on what kind of media your guy likes. If he’s a big sports fan you might want to get him tickets to an event that you can go to together. He’s chosen you as a partner, so swallow your pride or boredom and go with him. Sure, you can pay for a guy’s night out to the movies, but he wants to spend time with you after an argument, not his buddies. For the nerdier out there a board game might hit the spot. No matter what media you go with, though, the important thing is to do it with him to show that you care.

Gifts will obviously vary per person, but by following some guidelines and customizing them to your person’s personality you’re bound to find something that will hit it out of the park every time. You don’t always need to buy a gift, but it’s not a bad idea.

Getting Your Company Involved in Local Politics

Profit From Your Company's Involvement In Politics

Profit From Your Company’s Involvement In Politics

Has your business ever been in a position where it needed the support of the local city council or group of aldermen, whether to expand your business onto a new lot, to receive a permit for something, or simply because a unique issue was facing your company? Getting your business mixed up in politics might seem like a bad idea, but it can actually be very advantageous to you, even when you have no choice. The last thing you want to do when getting your business involved in the politics of your locale is to alienate your consumers, so you’ll need to make some careful choices about how you proceed. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in a position where you need to get your company involved in the business of the local council, and you find yourself at a loss for what to do, try following these simple steps to get started.

Make Yourself a Presence at Town Hall Meetings

Be Part Of Town Hall Meetings

Be Part Of Town Hall Meetings

The quickest way to get your business’s desires noticed by the local government is to make yourself available during the public comment portion of your local town government’s weekly meetings. There will usually be an opportunity for citizens to step up to an open microphone to address the area’s leaders about your concerns or ideas, and this is a great platform for you to make an appearance. Come prepared with notes about what you want to say, and do some research on the council members so you know who to directly appeal to if necessary. Be polite and respectful, and dress smartly. Lay out your case for why your business needs the community’s support, and stress the fact that you are a job creator who has deep roots in the community.

Educate Your Customers On the Issues

If you need to drum up local support for an issue your business is involved in, consider leaving some literature on the counter for your customers to pick up and peruse. If you’re gathering signatures for a petition, leave the clipboard near the register and have your employees kindly explain and ask if your patrons would like to sign. This is a quick and easy way to gather all those signatures you might need in order to have an ordnance presented to the city council. Never be pushy, but recognize that your clientele is one of the best assets you have when it comes to creating change in your community. This is because they live there, too, and if you’ve got good ideas, you can bet they’ll be behind you.

Endorse Political Candidates If You Can

Make Your company Relevant To The Political Machine

Make Your company Relevant To The Political Machine

While endorsements can be tricky for your company’s reputation, if you find that it would be advantageous to growing your business, don’t be afraid to do so. Making a public endorsement of a candidate doesn’t mean you have to start campaigning for them; it simply means that you support their stances. You aren’t looking for kickbacks or favors here, of course, but candidates whom you endorse will have a natural fondness for your support, and you may find it easier to gain their vote when you need something like a liquor license granted or if you need a building permit expedited in order to add on to your building. Even if your candidate loses in the election, you will still have the advantage of being taken seriously in the political arena.

Why You Shouldn’t Read Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss ... It Doesn't Last

Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss … It Doesn’t Last

Everyone tends to get caught up in what celebrities are doing – what they’re wearing, who they’re dating, and most importantly, who’s losing weight and how. Celebrity weight loss stories are in every magazine, and it’s one of the top focuses in this day and age. Everyone wants to have a great weight loss story to tell all their friends, but is it even possible to have a story like one of your favorite celebrities? As sad as it might be, reading celebrity weight loss stories could actually be keeping you from hitting your goals in any diet.

More Pressure to Lose Weight

For starters, celebrities are under way more pressure than other people to lose weight and keep it off, so they tend to do crash diets to lose weight fast. These aren’t safe at all, so you should avoid them if you actually want to lose weight the healthy way. In fact, losing weight takes a lot of time, so you can’t expect to drop weight in a few weeks. Unless you want to end up in the hospital, we wouldn’t recommend this. You don’t have a movie premier to look good for in a week, so don’t do anything too rash. Take your time and you’ll get much better results.

Better Opportunities

Celebrities Have Access To More Products And Trainers Than Us

Celebrities Have Access To More Products And Trainers Than We Do

Let’s face it – celebrities have it made. Even when they want to lose weight, they’ll always do it easier than you will because they have trainers behind them who are specially selected to help them get fit in a hurry. Chances are you don’t have these same opportunities, so you won’t get the personal trainer and the fancy home gym. The most you can do is make the best out of what you have, which might not always be much. These celebrities will have every opportunity to lose weight, so it obviously goes fast. They also don’t really have any other choice unless they want the tabloids to talk about how they need to lose weight, which you thankfully don’t have to worry about. Don’t beat yourself up over not losing weight as fast as celebrities, because you aren’t equipped with the same tools that they are.

Different Products

Celebrities have countless products that are geared specifically to help them lose weight. Also, Photoshop is a great product, too. The way you perceive celebrities in the magazines isn’t actually how they look in real life. That’s how the people who run the magazine painted them to look. Go ahead and Google celebrity before and after Photoshop images – you’ll be shocked at what you find that way. You’re going to notice how they edit the photos to slim the celebrities down and fix every single blemish. Obviously no amount of working out can do that for you, so don’t stress too much. Under all the high-end makeup and digital editing, they actually look a lot like you. They also might claim to follow popular diets, but this is a lie. They might loosely follow the diet, or they might just be sponsoring it to get paid by the company. You can never be sure, so don’t take it too seriously if you hear a celebrity talking about being on a popular diet. On top of that diet they also have nutritionists that will be picking out the best foods for them, as well as a whole line of pills that are way better than any diet pills you could get over the counter. Since they have more money, they’re obviously going to get better products. They wouldn’t pay for the cheap stuff that’s available to the general public when they could be getting the high-end pills and shakes instead.

Yo-Yo Diets

Yo-Yo Diets

Yo-Yo Diets

Lastly, keep in mind that most of the celebrities you see losing weight are going to inevitably gain it back. This back and forth is a constant among the rich and famous, and it’s no wonder why. The people who get on these diets don’t actually learn to eat healthy and exercise this way – they learn to take as many pills as they need to lose weight in hurry, so they don’t learn how to keep it off and continue making healthy food choices. They need those dieticians to help them plan a weight loss regimen, but usually stop when they hit their goal weight. You’re going to be much smarter than that, especially because you’ve probably seen how their weights go up and down like a rollercoaster. This is no way to diet, so don’t waste your time reading accounts where the celebrities lost weight in no time flat, because they don’t work.

5 Tips For Extending Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

The convenience and ease of using a laptop have brought them into ubiquity over the past decade, and they’re now seen as an essential tool for boosting productivity and as just a great way to stay connected with everything that’s going on while you’re on the move. However, the main limitation to laptops hasn’t changed since they first entered the market: you can only use it for as long as your battery can hold out, or if you’re near a wall outlet you can use to plug in an AC adapter. If you frequently use a laptop and find that you’re going to be away from a wall socket for some time, it can be very stressful wondering if you’ll be able to accomplish all the tasks you need to complete before the battery runs out. If you think you’re going to need to stretch out the life of your battery next time you head out the door, keep these tips in mind to get the longest charger out of your battery before you need to juice it up again.

1. Always Make Sure to Charge Your Laptop Fully

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you spend a lot of time using your laptop around the house, you might forget to get it charged up all the way before you head out. There’s nothing worse than settling down to work somewhere, opening up your laptop, and realizing you only have 45% battery remaining. Get in the habit of keeping your laptop plugged in at home, and always be sure to charge up completely if you can’t always keep it on the adapter. Ensure that your laptop has a full charge, and your other methods of conserving power will work much better.

2. Run Only the Software You Absolutely Need

Shut Down The Unnecessary Programs And Apps

Shut Down The Unnecessary Programs And Apps

If your goal is to get the most life out of your battery, don’t have fifteen web tabs open, music playing, a chat service running, and all of your productivity software open, too. Stick to only the programs you need to be working in to reduce the load on the computer’s resources like the processor and video card. This in turn will cause the computer to need to draw less power from the battery. Not only is it good for keeping your battery alive, it will also keep you focused on your tasks instead of sucking up power for distractions that keep you using your laptop longer.

3. Use Power-Saving Modes to Increase Efficiency

Most laptops now come with pre-installed power management software, but even if yours doesn’t have any, Windows provides basic power management modes when installed on laptops. Set your computer into maximum efficiency mode and see how much your battery life increases. Chances are, by using a power-saving mode, which limits how much the computer can do at once and usually keeps the cooling fans at a lower speed, you’ll see a dramatic increase that will allow you to continue using your laptop long after the battery would have died normally. Play with your power settings to discover what the best ratio between performance and power-saving is for you and your style of work.

4. Disable Devices You Won’t Be Using

Unplug USB devices that you aren’t going to be using from your laptop, and investigate whether or not you can shut off some of your computer’s internal devices while you work in order to conserve energy. For example, if Internet connectivity is not vital to the work that you are doing, consider shutting off your internal network card. Maintaining a wifi connection can be a huge power drain. Also consider disabling devices such as your internal CD/DVD drive, if you have one, as otherwise the computer is spending power to keep it powered and ready for you to use at a moment’s notice. If you’re not planning on using it, then there’s no reason to keep it powered on.

5. Dim Your Screen Brightness

Adapt The Settings

Adapt The Settings

Unless you’re very prone to eye strain, consider turning down your screen’s brightness as well. Keeping the monitor brightly backlit can really drain your battery faster than you’d expect. Simply use your function keys or the settings within Windows to adjust your brightness. If you can, try turning it all of the way down to conserve the most power possible. Otherwise, find the brightness at which you can still work comfortably without using too much of your battery to keep the screen glowing like a television set. Some energy-saving modes will do this for you, but it’s a great way to stretch your usage time without enabling a separate power mode, too.