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Colorado Northwest Alaska Denali Park Dalton Highway Arctic Coast A-5 Trans-Alaska Pipeline

NICOP Field Trips

  A-4: Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. (cost: $1200) June 23-27. Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, Toolik Lake research sites, permafrost distribution, Quaternary and periglacial geology, frost-affected soils, and Prudhoe Bay industrial developments.
  A-5: Engineering Solutions on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline : Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. (cost: $600) June 27-28. Engineering problems and solutions related to construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
  A-6: Pogo Mine Tour (cost: $160) June 27.
  B-2: Arctic Coastal Plain from Prudhoe Bay to Barrow. (cost: $2250) July 4-9. On- and offshore oil and gas developments and construction, coastal permafrost, thaw lakes and thermokarst development, and a visit to the native community of Barrow and the research community.
  B-3: Northwest Alaska (Beringia) including Nome and Seward Peninsula.
(cost: $1300) July 4-8. View Quaternary geology, thermokarst and periglacial features, placer mining, and mineral and hot springs.
  B-4: Central Alaska from Fairbanks to Denali National Park. (cost: $425) July 4-6. View Quaternary geology, rock glaciers, geomorphic evidence of paleoseismic and cryogenic structures, periglacial environments.
  B-6: Front Range and San Juan Mountains (Colorado). (cost: $900) July 4-10. Visits to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Niwot Ridge research, including rock glaciers, and to the Mountain Studies Institute, Silverton, to observe avalanche and other mountain hazard research.