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XPS-13-330ADB Single Reduction Tandem Axle with Air Disc Brack

High capacity spiral gears and planetary gears
Premium seal design
High quality Welded housing
Air Disc Brake 22.5″
Precision forged differential gears
Several configurations and sizes
Rolled splines and threads
Available with ABS
Strong bolted joints with special self locking bolts

Technical Parameters Other

Load Capacity

Gross Axle Weight:13000Kg
Gross Combined Weight(On-Highway Application):70000Kg

Track(Other options are possible upon request)


Mounting Center


Spiral Gear

Master Diameter:Φ315mm
Face Width:56mm
Ratios(Other options are possible upon request):3.08、3.17、3.38、3.70、4.11、4.22、4.44、4.62、4.75、5.29、6.17、6.83


Box Section:158x145mm
Wall Thickness:16mm
Friction welding:Φ150mm

Axle Shaft

Body Diameter:Φ48.0mm
Spline:Φ53.3mm-41 teeth

Brake(Other options are possible upon request)


Wheel Mounting(Other options are possible upon request)

Φ335mm-10 studs M22x1.5