Depending on the credibility of life, rely on the quality of survival, and the development of a total of customers


Xinhong overview

Guangzhou Xinhong Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a set of product development, design, production, sales of professional manufacturers, the main production of watches (gift table, all kinds of crafts, header) thermometer, hygrometer, cigar box, humidor Barometer (home weather station).

In recent years, Xinhong has always been to the "customer first, service first" for the purpose, to "good quality, low price" to win customers' credibility, Connaught 'common development as the link and customers common progress, product and product design custom-made creative design can not only provide customers with (OEM), and to the community continue to launch innovative products, unique design.

Over the years, won the customers, won the majority of customer support, and with customers to establish friendly and cooperative relations of mutual trust. The life of the enterprise in the market, the market is the life of the brand, the brand rooted in the life of products, product quality is the life.

Our belief: depending on the credibility of life, quality of survival, and the development of a total of customers.

Name Guangzhou Xinhong Electronics Co., Ltd.
Since 2002
Address China Guangzhou Baiyun District Qi Fu Road No. 90
Business scope Hygrometer table header; bile; air humidity clock; toy accessories gift table accessories jewelry box; moisture meter; stationery accessories fittings hours; thermometer; gifts; clock fittings hygrometer; packaging accessories accessories Home Furnishing table header; bile; wood hygrometer accessories; gift accessories; header; bile barometer clock; pressure gauge; thermometer hygrometer; gift gifts gifts meter table lamps; meter; small header quartz bile;