Depending on the credibility of life, rely on the quality of survival, and the development of a total of customers


Empower and Grow!

Xinhong electronics is committed to the evolution of China's industry to make contributions, we also strive to become the industry's first choice of professional enterprises. If you are ready to meet the challenges and pursue your career ideals, please find the right career opportunities through the following vacancies.

The challenges of the future, for the future to create excellent talents!

  • Needed talents

    Independent thinking, solidarity and cooperation, the courage to continue to challenge new things.

  • Advocate the policy tree

    Opportunities to challenge, through self growth, education guidance, training for international business activities with a high degree of enthusiasm.

  • work environment

    Respect for employees' personal and diversity development, create physical and mental health, safety, and can improve the working enthusiasm of the workplace environment.

  • Evaluation and treatment

    Through the boss and subordinate communication, fair evaluation of the results of each person's work, and give fair treatment.